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Hello World! New Blog with New Subdomain

Hello everyone, maybe this is the first article here. Maybe it's not because this blog is a former blog with the main domain Maybe some of my friends don't know that I migrated from blogspot to wordpress. Because I made it specifically for my service offering, so I can easily create a custom landing page on the main domain.

Desainew Blog comes with a new subdomain

So, for this blog, at first I returned to using the domain, but after thinking about it again, it wasn't even that professional. Even though my intention, I made this blog as a record and portfolio. So I googled if I could use a subdomain for blogspot and main domain for wordpress cms. Initially I doubted whether this can be done or not. And found an article that discussed this, I tried to edit it in cpanel and it worked.

Finally I can use the domain here which you are reading. it was great. For old articles or posts, I made them drafts because they were detected by Google as duplicates. I plan to make a new one again. So please pray for me, friends.

Okay, maybe just this post this time. And thanks for reading it…

Irfan P
Irfan P Blogger, Graphic Designer, Front End Web Developer

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